June 17, 2015|

This photo was taken from one of the units in 1350 Ala Moana back in 3/10/2007.  I think back then “Ward Village” was not even named yet.  This was a beginning of construction in [...]

Kewalo Is…

May 26, 2015|

On Memorial Day, strolled around Ward Village.  Realized there were many new restaurants and shops.

Found this board on Consolidated Theatres Ward 16 level in Ward Entertainment Center.

Kewalo is…  Changing in so many ways…

Single Family Home Under $700,000 20 to 30 minutes to town

May 21, 2015|

Aren’t you so caught up with a “must be living in town” idea?

Let’s face it.  There is no decent sized, move-in ready single family house available under $700,000 in town when Oahu’s medium price [...]

Perfect Scored House in Manoa

May 13, 2015|

Couldn’t believe this house existed in today’s market!

This lovely charming house hit on the market a few days ago and I had to check out myself today.  It was a perfect house in a preferred [...]

Fun Discovery at Aulani Disney Resort & Spa

December 20, 2014|

Look what I found on the ground!

  • Kiauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge on Kauai
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    Kilauea Point Lighthouse and National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai

Kilauea Point Lighthouse and National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai

December 10, 2014|

A little Festivity on the IBM Building

December 3, 2014|

It’s still one of my favorite buildings in Honolulu.  This IBM Building was designed by famed architect Vladi­mir Ossipoff in 1962.

Mariner’s Ridge…style

November 12, 2014|

Mariner’s Ridge residential community is located in Hawaii Kai.  The entire ridge is for residential and its entrance is on your left right after you pass Hawaii Kai postal office.


Record prices…again!

November 7, 2014|

The latest Honolulu Board of Realtor’s monthly statistic study just revealed that this past October’s medium price for Single Family Home was $670,000.

October 2013 $650,000     October 2012 $620,000    October 2011 $575,000

High [...]

  • Cuauhtémoc Mexican Navy Vessel
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    “Cuauhtémoc” Mexican Navel Vessel Visits Honolulu Harbor

“Cuauhtémoc” Mexican Navel Vessel Visits Honolulu Harbor

October 9, 2014|

Mexican Navy Training Ship was visiting Honolulu and they opened up to the public.  At the departure, the navies climbed up on the mast to wave with two hands.  Pretty cool!