After a one year hiatus, the NFL Pro Bowl is back in Hawaii. And like each of the previous 30 years Hawaii has hosted the NFL All-Star game, the issue of cost, and the question “is it worth it?” has come up again.

It’s like they never left.

The economic impact of hosting the Pro Bowl goes far beyond our $4 Million investment. Hotels here are already reporting the highest ADR (average daily rate) in three years, Hawaii gets featured front-and-center during the entire Pro Bowl week festivities, and even during the game, we get fantastic exposure during each time-out and commercial break.

But Hawaii’s biggest supporters come from the players themselves. “There’s no better place to have it,” Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said in this article on NBC Sports.

一年の中断後、NFL のプロボールがハワイに戻って来ました。30年ハワイはこのオールスターゲームを主催してきたが、また同じ”本当に(やる)価値があるのか?”と疑問がまた浮上している。



しかし、一番のハワイのサポーターはやはりオールスター選手自体である。インデイアナポリス コルトのクオーターバックのペイトン マニング選手は NBC Sportsの記事で ”ほかに(ハワイより)いい場所はない”と述べている。