Light at the end of the tunnel

There’s more positive news and predictions about the housing recovery. Housing price predictions are getting stronger as they (the experts) are confident about what will happen next. According to Real Estate Magazine, these experts are already throwing out a number of the percentage price increase and what the timeline will be. How do they know this? Wow.

I can only rely on facts, or actual data after it already happened, as I don’t have a crystal ball. According to the Honolulu Board of Realtors, the latest stats on Oahu’s real estate market have already shown a 11% jump in the single family home median price in comparison to the same month (May) of last year. Wow! Condominium sales has risen by 12% in the same period.  Wow!

I’m hoping these facts are revealing trends that’s really happening and help guide our decisions in the near future.

The real estate market on the mainland may be seeing the light at the end of tunnel, but here on Oahu, the market is already out of tunnel and bathing under the sun.

Image credit: adamr / 123RF Stock Photo

アメリカの住宅事情にだんだんと明るいニュース/希望が持てる予測が多くなってきました。 次に何が起こるかがはっきり目えだし、専門家による住宅価値上昇の予測にも確実性が高くなってきた。リアルエステートマガジンによると、もう既に いついつまでに どれくらいのi確率で 何パーセント上がり、と期日や数字まで出されている。どうしてそんな事が分かるのだろう。と思わず感心してしまう。