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Ordinary Encounters in Hawaii

This rooster’s habitat is by a banyan tree in Iolani Palace.  I see it all the time on my Library day.

This Nene goose was from my visit to Kauai.  I only saw a few [...]

Maecenas Euis Vehicula

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Ewa Is HOT! エバがアチアチ!

Would you be surprised if I told you that Ewa Beach had the most residential home sales in the last month (June, 2012) compared with the rest of Oahu?  Some people still seem to be [...]

Honolulu Property Tax Time! オアフ島(ホノルル郡)固定資産税の支払いのお知らせ

If you have a house mortgage, you probably pay your property tax through your mortgage company.
If you don’t have mortgage, your property tax bill will be mailed out to you tomorrow.
The pay [...]

Some Good Advice 金持ちからのアドバイス

I had a chat with a very successful business person who is now retired and enjoying his life (and is enjoying spending his money). He said that everyone understands the concept of “buying low [...]

World’s 20 Best Surf Towns 世界ベスト20サーフィンの町

Hanalei, on the North Shore of Kauai was selected as one of the 20 best surf towns by National Geographic.

As one of the least developed of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is also one of [...]