After years of growing out my hair, I decided to finally get it cut.

My hair was long, the longest I’ve ever grown it… I don’t even remember the last time I stepped foot in a salon. I wondered if I had enough to donate. I checked out Locks of Love and learned that the minimum length to donate is ten inches. Did I have enough hair to donate 10 inches without having to get a crew cut? It was a little unnerving.

Here’s the last photo of my long hair before it was cut.

Long Hair:  Locks of Love

Here’s what it looked like afterwards.

Short Hair:  Locks of Love

I ended up cutting off 12 inches, and still had enough to keep shoulder-length hair. Yay! I couldn’t believe how heavy it felt just holding it in my hand. I was actually carrying this around on my head.

Chopped Hair:  Locks of Love

In addition to feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off of me, I feel good knowing that my hair will be used for a great cause.  Are you thinking of donating your hair? Check out Locks of Love and see their hair donating guidelines. I just sent my hair today.