Record prices…again!

The latest Honolulu Board of Realtor’s monthly statistic study just revealed that this past October’s medium price for Single Family Home was $670,000.

October 2013 $650,000     October 2012 $620,000    October 2011 $575,000

High [...]

Another Advantage of Owning Your Own Home

We all heard the term “cash poor and house rich,” here in Honolulu, this is a statement that a lot of us can relate to.

But if you think about it, being house rich may [...]

Continental Plaza Panorama

  新しく出た物件紹介です。ホノルルの街中で1,500+平方フィートもある2寝室2浴室2駐車場の土地つきのコンドミニアムが$50万ドルを切った$48万ドルで売りに出されました。内装は次の人が気持ちよく住めるように、バーバーカーペット、照明、フォーセット、冷蔵庫、食器洗い機、シャワーガラスドアなどを先週新しいものに取替え、古い壁紙や取り付けのものをはずしきれいにペンキを塗り、とてもきれいに仕上げてあります。 このコンドミニアムはワイキキ、アラモアナショッピングセンター、レストラン、スーパー、ダウンタウン、州各機関、主病院機関などが車で5分から10分の範囲で行けるロケーションにあります。H1フリーウェイへの乗り降りにも非常に便利な立地条件です。 アメニティーはプール、ジャグジー、レクリエーションエリア、洗車エリア、ラウンジエリア、ゴルフパッテングエリア、テニスコートなどがあります。セキュリティーがしっかりしていて、ゲストパーキングもガレージ内にあります。また、スーツケースやつり道具等をしまうのに便利な小さな倉庫も地下にあります。    

2012 in Review

What was the state of Oahu real estate in 2012?  Here is a quick review.

The chart below shows how Oahu’s real estate market performed in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Unbelievably, the number of [...]

Over-analyzing leads to over-complication… and missed opportunities 過剰分析は問題のもと

This article in the July 14th issue of The Wall Street Journal reminded me of what makes smart people successful. My business allows me to see what happens when people are indecisive when it comes to money. This isn’t a case of the rich getting richer, it’s about how people making the most of what they have.

Ewa Is HOT! エバがアチアチ!

Would you be surprised if I told you that Ewa Beach had the most residential home sales in the last month (June, 2012) compared with the rest of Oahu?  Some people still seem to be [...]

Some Good Advice 金持ちからのアドバイス

I had a chat with a very successful business person who is now retired and enjoying his life (and is enjoying spending his money). He said that everyone understands the concept of “buying low [...]

House prices are on the rise 不動産価格上昇

The newest stats from the Honolulu Board of Realtors has confirmed that housing prices on Oahu are on the rise. If you recall the upside-down bell curve graph from high school math class, our [...]

House for sale at a condo price コンドの値段のような一軒家 売り出し物件紹介

Buying a new home can be a stressful time in your life, especially when finding the perfect home that fits your budget seems next to impossible. If you're like most first time home buyers, you probably think you need to purchase a condominium because houses here are too expensive.

Virtual tour of 425 South Street, Makai 901 (One Waterfront Tower)

Just posted a virtual tour of 425 South Street, Makai 901… also known as One Waterfront Towers, two classic icons near the Kakaako waterfront.

This is a corner 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit on the ’01’ stack [...]