International Market Place in Waikiki Grand Opening

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The International Market Place has been reborn and ready to open.  Its grand opening is this Thursday August 25th, 2016.  They are giving away $20 gift [...]

Fun Discovery at Aulani Disney Resort & Spa

Look what I found on the ground!

Honolulu is the Go-To Place for Family Vacations

Honolulu was voted the 6th among the “10 Best Cities for Family Vacations” in the U.S. according to the Family Vacation Critic site.

The top five cities are:

1.    New York

2.    Washington DC

3.    San Francisco

4.    Chicago

5.    New Orleans

I have either visited [...]

A Cute Cottage Walking Distance to Downtown for $350,000! ダウンタウン近くのコテージ35万ドル!

1649 Leilehua Ln A Honolulu, HI for Sale at $350,000

Can you believe an offer like this exists in Honolulu in 2012 where the medium price for single family home in Oahu is $620,000 (according [...]

Ordinary Encounters in Hawaii

This rooster’s habitat is by a banyan tree in Iolani Palace.  I see it all the time on my Library day.

This Nene goose was from my visit to Kauai.  I only saw a few [...]

World’s 20 Best Surf Towns 世界ベスト20サーフィンの町

Hanalei, on the North Shore of Kauai was selected as one of the 20 best surf towns by National Geographic.

As one of the least developed of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is also one of [...]

円ハワイ不動産為替 The Yen (¥) to Hawaii real estate conversion

1ドル76円という円高は過去を振り返っても全然覚えがない。それもそのはず戦後初めての記録的円高だそうだ。16年前に初めて渡米したときは確か125円程でした。125円の数字は長い間続き 一般的に通常値と見なされていました。125円を切り始めた頃は、アメリカでの買い物はお得感があったと思います。そのコンセプトを大きな買い物に当てはめると 円高メリットも大きい。

金利が低い今の日本の銀行にお金を眠らしておくより、ハワイで不動産購入。通常値の時代ではまだまだ手が届かなかった物件も円高メリットで実現できる範囲になるのではないでしょうか? ハワイに来る楽しみが増えるだけではなしに、為替だけの目で見れば ドルの巻き返が始まると投資価値は使った日本円以上に上昇します。ハワイに来る時に特に家がなくても、と言う人は賃貸物件の購入はいかがでしょうか? 月々の見込める賃貸収入は銀行からもらう低い利子に比べて高い可能性があります。

ご興味がある方は 一度貴社の税理士にご相談されたの上 詳しくをこちらまでお伝えください。

The Japanese yen (¥) to U.S. dollar ($) conversion has been the lowest ever as far as I remember.  At ¥76 to a dollar range, the yen is at it’s highest level since WWII. [...]

LOST the final season

Lost will air it’s sixth and final season starting February 2nd.

This will be a huge loss for Hawaii as ABC filmed each episode almost exclusively in the Islands, and the series’ popularity put Hawaii [...]

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The best time to visit Hawaii (in your lifetime)

Airfare to Hawaii from cities in the continental United States has plummeted more than 30 percent in some markets. Pleasant Holidays is offering vacation packages that include flight and three nights hotel stay in [...]